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cabin in the woods.

This project was the first full attempt at creating a set of basic construction documents, that I took further and developed into a full project. This project was for a class, ARCH 314 a Architectural Building Technology class which focuses on learning and developing knowledge of building materials and techniques and how to translate them to construction documents.

This project is set in Seymour, IN, about an hour outside of Indianapolis, in the hills of Southern Indiana. Set back in the middle of the trees, the focus of the cabin was to design a vacation cabin for families and small groups. I worked with Jake Kriech on developing the design and the drawings on the project.

The Cabin building program elements include; ​

- a small mechanical closet (approximately 8’ x 8’), a solar storage tank and a back-up electric hot water heater.

- a small restroom with a single water closet, shower and sink/vanity to be ADA (Americans Disabilities Act) compliant.

- a small kitchenette & dining area.

- a covered exterior area large enough for a picnic table.

- areas or zones of privacy at Cabin interior desirable.

- a sunny reading nook.

- an entry sequence; gateway / path with bench and exterior area adjacent to Cabin entry.

- designated sleeping area(s).

- a living/sitting room.

The design of cabin focused on a separation of private and public spaces splitting them down the middle with the bathroom and mechanical space. By providing this separation it becomes easy for occupants to use the cabin how they choose, either in a quiet, personal area, or a loud, public space.


​The design of cabin looked to isolate the bedrooms and reading nook from the rest of the cabin to allow maximum the space between the two areas. This was done in placing the mechanical closet and bathroom in the center of the house, not only to create a gap but to also offer a structural core to the home.

The reading nook was placed to the south to offer up both natural lighting throughout the day and a view of the surrounding forest. The bedrooms, placed at the back of the cabin, offer views of the surrounding forest and are sequestered from the main living quarters.



Due to this cabin being more of a weekend getaway or a vacation home, the kitchen and dining area were consolidated into a kitchenette and center island/bar area, which can be considered the dining space. This was done to consolidate the interior space to free up more space for the interior. Off this dining area sits a small seating or living area, this space offers up a place of refuge within the cabin where a family or group of people can convene when the weather outside turns to less than ideal.

Outside, the public area continues, with a large seating area on the south side of the cabin. The large over hanging roof offers shade while being out in the open during the most intense times of the day. The open space also allows for opportunities to cook and entertain family and guests. Double doors can be swung open to create a seamless transition from the outdoor patio to the kitchenette/dining area.


The project was very interesting to develop and begin to understand what it takes to complete a set of Construction Drawings. There was a lot to learn as far as Revit as the program goes, but it was an exponential growth as the project developed. Bringing the model into Lumion was not a part of the assignment but wanted to bring over in order to better visualize the project. Below is a video that gives a more behind the scenes look of the project and goes beyond the rendering images.


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