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MKM Steel Competition: Civic Nest

breathing new life into a declining town.

MKM Steel Competition: Civic Nest

The city of Gary has come across hard times, with jobs and large portions of the population leaving the town. The center of town actually has a solid infrastructure, with the Adam Benjamin Metro Center, that services the town through buses and trains alike. It is at this transit hub that the city of Gary can begin to grow and return to its past self.

The focus of the project was increasing the walkability of the site and encouraging people to meander between buildings and not move from point A to point B. This, in turn, would increase the foot traffic and help the streets become naturally more safe, something that Gary has had issues within the past.

By using the station as a hub for commercial as well as transportation it will serve the community more than just the standard transit station and can become a catalyst for the city, both economically and socially.

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